Yesterday I watched the movie Inkheart with my family. I must say it was quite an interesting movie, though it did remind me of something else very similar that I can’t quite place, perhaps something that has to do with video games. I remember for certain that I once watched a movie where creatures were somehow brought out of their game and they needed to be put back. I may need to go to my mind palace for this one. But later.

One thing I found interesting about Inkheart was how the father was American while his daughter, Maggie, had a British accent. The mother didn’t speak much, but I don’t remember her having an accent quite like Maggie’s. I’m not sure how that happened. Perhaps because Maggie was raised in an English environment? Or perhaps I’m just making that up. I wasn’t paying very close attention at that point.

To be honest, I’m probably much better off reviewing movies that I’ve seen twice, because the first time I tend to miss a lot. But I did find it to be an interesting story and concept, and I appreciate the characters’ love of books–not just those who actually lived in the book world, but also the readers. It reminds you of how magical reading a book can be. If it’s a good book, it can truly sweep you off your feet and into another world full of revenge and passion and wars of both the body and the mind. It makes me want to go read an old book now, if only just to feel the texture of the cover and smell the scent of aged pages.

But unfortunately old books don’t usually captivate me. This isn’t about books, however. This is about the movie Inkheart, though I’m not sure how much more I can say about it. I will say for certain that I was excited to see Andy Serkis playing in it. I loved watching Andy play a part where his whole self was featured the entire film as his character. As I love watching any actor play parts in different movies. I will forever sympathize with him about the Gollum juice, but that is a different story completely. Perhaps I shall make a category about Lord of the Rings. Then I will finally be able to share what I know with the world.

As you can probably see, I love Lord of the Rings and I’ve run out of things to say about Inkheart. It’s a good movie. I’m considering finding and reading the book. I’d give it a solid four stars. Or maybe three and a half.

I think now I might go read a book.