My greatest prediction to date came two years ago when Anthem Lights was going to choose a new member. I was sad that Kyle left, of course, but I wasn’t devastated, exactly. I knew that they had a better chance at replacing Kyle than, say, Chad, whose voice is just insane. But anyway, my sister and I were talking about the new member, and I had always thought it was so cool how Caleb, Chad, and Kyle’s names kind of fit together–you know, the “c-k” thing–which made Alan’s name even easier to remember–I know, ironic, right?

So my sister and I were talking about it and I remember saying, “You know, his name probably won’t even fit in right. It’ll probably be something completely random, like–Joe.” Because how much of a chance is there that the new guy’s name would just happen to start with a “c” or a “k”?

Well, you see how THAT turned out. Anthem Lights were doing a live video chat thing on May 14, 2012, in which they would introduce their new member. I wasn’t able to watch it live, but my sister and I went back later and watched it. They started out just kind of talking about stuff, which I don’t remember really. Then came the big announcement.

“And our new member is…JOEY STAMPER!”

Our jaws dropped and we just sat and stared as Joey came into the frame and joined the guys on the couch, Mickey Mouse pants and all. Joey? You CAN’T be serious! But yes, they were serious.

Needless to say, that took some getting used to. Not only because we still missed Kyle, but because I didn’t entirely believe that the guy’s name was actually Joey. I was only off by one letter, after all. Joey definitely had to earn my respect, though I must say his performance in Give Your Heart a Break, the first time I ever heard him sing, helped. He only rose higher as he sang with As Long As You Love Me, and finally, after I joined Twitter and saw how ridiculously–well, ridiculous–he was, I admitted that Joey was worthy of my respect. And now I have even seen him perform and spoken to him personally. He’s risen quite high.

Welcome to Anthem Lights, Joey Stamper.