No way, you know the invisibility spell? I’ll trade you for the popularity spell.” ~ Wizards of Waverly Place

One time at youth group I was in my small group, and somehow the conversation magically switched to invisibility. I don’t know how it happened, but to be honest, our conversation bounced around quite a bit that night.

A couple of the girls in my small group were saying, “It would be so cool to be invisible.” All I could think was, “You have no idea what you’re saying.” I mean, I can see how it might be fun for playing tricks on people and stuff, but that seems like such a lame reason to want it. Those girls are friendly and fun and everyone likes them, and they just don’t seem to realize how lucky they are to have that. I can’t go invisible, but it seems like that doesn’t really matter.

Am I invisible? Can you ACTUALLY see me?” ~ John Watson, “Sherlock: the Reichenbach Fall”

The Sherlock quote above is pretty much my entire social life in eight words. I don’t have an invisibility cloak or even an Elvish one. In fact, I don’t have any cloaks at all, except for a Jedi cloak made out of a bedsheet and given to me by my best friend. But that cloak has no powers of invisibility; in fact, it has no powers at all. It’s pretty much just a crafted brown bedsheet. But in a way, I can still go invisible. It’s not hard. All you gotta do is blend in with the crowd. To some of us, that comes almost naturally. Honestly, I’m not sure if “blending in” is really what I do, but somehow nobody ever seems to notice me, even when I want them to.

When those girls in my small group were talking about how much they’d like to be invisible, that was all I was thinking about, and I couldn’t help but wonder: Are you SURE you want that? Invisibility may SOUND like fun, but you don’t seem to realize how painful it can be.

(switch to German accent)

But if I koult really go infisible, mesinks I voult use it to fisit my friends venefer I vanted visout zem knowink I vas zere (ifen yous vant to put it bluntly, I voult use it to shtalk zem more effischiently), zough I voult raser hafe zee ability to turn meself into a cat.. It voult also help vis hide-ant-seek ant susch as, um, how do sie say, airsoft varren?