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You know what joy feels like when you’re happy. But it’s really tough to remain joyful when things are hard. The best example of joy in difficult situations, I think, is Job. He was very wealthy, having plenty of livestock and servants and a big family. Then Satan came in and took everything away from him, but Job didn’t blame God for it. He trusted God to look after him and knew that He loved him.

Another example is of Paul and Silas in Acts 16:24-25. They were thrown into the innermost prison and chained like criminals just for believing in God. But they didn’t get bitter about it. They started to pray and sing praises all night to God because they were so glad that He was looking after them. They would rather be in prison and know Jesus than be free and not know Him. And because of their faith, the jailer and his family became Christians.

It’s easy to lose our joy when things get hard. We can lose our joy through selfishness, pride, or anger. We have to make an effort to grow spiritually by reading the Bible, praying, loving others, and trusting God. He gave us a brilliant reason to be joyful: He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins, so we can go to heaven!

If you start your day by praising God and end it praising God, you had a good day. You might have had a lot of problems during the day, but if you remember to praise Him at the end of the day, the day was good, and you have His joy down in your heart.