I’m not one to talk about relationships much, so this is going to be different for all of us.

I’d just like to say that I’ve never understood the whole dating thing. I mean, two people like each other. That’s all good. And they wanna hang out. It’s cool. But I don’t get why they must be labeled “boyfriend and girlfriend” and “in a relationship.” I’m not saying these statements aren’t true. Maybe I’m just not making myself clear here. What I don’t get is that these two seem to throw themselves at each other quite passionately, when they should probably think about what they’re doing beforehand. They should ask themselves a few questions before they get into something serious. Questions like, “Would I marry this person? Would I be willing to live the rest of my life with them? If it doesn’t work out, am I going to be crushed? Will my heart be broken and will I be depressed? Will it make me feel like there’s nothing left in this world to live for?”

I don’t want anybody to feel like that. It’s painful. I can feel it myself just thinking about it. I know a bit of what it’s like to really, really care about someone and want to be around them. But do any of us really know what true love feels like? (I’m talking to singles here, obviously.) It’s all good and well to want to hang out with people you like. And I certainly have nothing against loving people. But I encourage you to just think a bit more before getting into serious relationship. Pray. Talk to God about it, and wait for His direction before you take any action. Move carefully.

On the other hand, friendship and family relationships are everything to me. Have friends. Make sure somebody’s got your back. Be at peace with your family. If you’re at odds with a friend or family member, talk to them about it, one-on-one, like the Bible says (I hate it when I can’t remember the reference to a verse). If they don’t listen, bring another friend or two into it to help you sort things out. And if it’s you that’s the problem, please try listening and seeing your friend’s point of view on the matter! It’s very important to have good friends that can help you grow and get you out of a tight spot.

After all, the rain may be hard, but two people can fit under an umbrella. (Or on a piece of wood. Yeah, Titanic, I’m talking to YOU.)