shellcreeperTHERE IS MUCH CONTROVERSY in our world today, and many things being debated by large, passionate groups that can be found on all corners of the Internet. Politics, religions, and war between Pokemon and Digimon fans, the cries against Star Wars being owned by Disney, whether Hawkeye is better than Legolas, the common fight between good and evil. And you have the freedom to join in any of these such debates as you so desire. But there is one subject, a simple question really, that has yet to be explained and has stumped many a desired player, and so I have decided to attempt to shed some light on the subject by offering my humble opinion. This, of course, is of Mario and the turtles.

What people don’t understand is why, in the earlier versions of the game, when Mario was to step on a turtle, he would lose a life. Those turtles, called Shellcreepers, can only be defeated by being flipped over and then kicked away while prone. They cannot be touched by Mario unless they are on their back. And if the player fails to kick the Shellcreeper away after flipping it, the Shellcreeper will get up with a different colored shell and start moving at progressively higher speeds.

After much thought on this topic, I saw a similarity between these Shellcreepers and a popular comic from around the same time, in the 1980s, namely, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone knows that flipping a turtle onto its back is the easiest way to defend yourself against a turtle (though I don’t think you’d usually need to defend yourself against a turtle, but if you did, that’s the way to do it). Ninjas are obviously hard to defeat, especially at close quarters, which is why the Shellcreepers (if they were actually Ninja Turtles) cannot be touched unless they are flipped onto their backs. And when you think “ninja,” isn’t speed one of the first things that come to mind? Plus, each TMNT wears a different-colored mask, which helps strengthen the link between them and the Shellcreepers’ change of shell color and increasing speed.

Now, the Shellcreepers were replaced by a different kind of turtle called “Koopa Troopas,” which walk on two legs and seem to be altogether easier to beat than the Shellcreepers. I can still see a slight similarity between the Koopas and the Ninja Turtles because they walk on two legs, but I didn’t go very deep into it.

And so, my friends, I conclude this (hopefully) interesting post by saying that the Shellcreepers could be Ninja Turtles, and that’s why Mario can’t touch them. I also would like to clarify that this is just my theory, and, as with all theories, it has flaws, which I invite you to find because I’m too lazy to do it myself (I mean, did you READ this post? It took me FOREVER!).

(Keep in mind that I have never played an official Mario game of any kind, and I have also never read any TMNT comics or seen any TMNT movies or whatever else there is out there, so, since I have no real history with either, I am aware that I could be very terribly wrong in this entire post and will have wasted half my morning trying to figure it out.)

I rest my case.