1. People are generally uninteresting.

People are fascinating, aren’t they? And one reason that they’re so terribly fascinating is because they ARE fascinating due to their individual behaviors and thought processes, but they are also incredibly dull and predictable, when they have so much potential to be so much more interesting than they choose to be. It seems like everybody’s mindset is just grow up, get a job, get married, have kids, and live a long life, when really there are so many options to make that life at least relatively exciting. And one of the amazing things is that so few people actually pursue that option. It seems like the general idea is that the “exciting way” is untouchable in every aspect, so nobody even attempts it. And so they live an uninteresting life and talk about uninteresting stuff (i.e. gossipping, which I will talk about later in the post). They don’t do anything interesting, they don’t say anything interesting, most of them don’t have even a shred of spontaneity in them, and on top of that they have become increasingly more interested as a species in money, sex, and a heck of a lot of things that simply don’t matter in the long run, and that makes them uninteresting (and definitely un-entertaining) in pretty much every sense of the word.

2. People are very low on intelligence.

This may seem rather blunt, but the fact of the matter is, people are stupid. Human beings haven’t a shred of common sense left in their brains, if they still have brains at all. Their pure inability to think things through continually surprises and amazes me. They are so stupid that they let other humans trick them into thinking that the human race is actually getting smarter, when really the SAT tests in schools have been dumbed-down so more students can pass. I have no idea what has brought about this sudden lack in brain function, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it circulated around technology. You would THINK that technology in itself would have to make a person smarter so they know how to use it, but in reality the children are born with an iPhone in their hands and using one is like second nature to them, while things like math and proper grammar (I’m talking to you, Internet) are far less important in our society.

Human idiocy is also obvious in their idea of a good time. A teenager (or any aged person really) goes to a huge party on a Friday night, gets hammered to the wall with alcohol, and then goes home and moans and groans for who knows how long, even compromising their ability to go and function at work during the week. You’re smashed so badly that you can’t remember what happened, you’re so sick you can’t leave the bathroom, and you feel miserable for days, so badly sometimes that you actually want to die (okay, so I don’t know this for sure, but it looks like it from what I’ve seen). And this is widely known as an acceptable way to have fun.

Also warped are humans’ sense of humor. It has become so pathetic that it’s not even remotely funny if you have a mustard seed of rational intelligence in your brain. I have an acquaintance who works at Dairy Queen and she told us about this technique called “coning.” What this is is that people will order an ice cream cone and when you go to hand it to them, they’ll just grab the ice cream off the top and drive away. And they think that this is terribly funny. The employee, at that point, has to dispose of the untouched cone. Not only is your “joke” not even slightly humorous, but you are wasting a perfectly good ice cream cone ~ PLUS you have to figure out how to drive with a handful of ice cream without crashing or getting your steering wheel all sticky (because one thing that people are VERY concerned about is their cars). How daft can a person be?! And the fact that the Doctor is continually talking about how intelligent humans are makes me seriously concerned for the brain capacity of the rest of the life-forms in the universe.

kuzco3. There is too much pressure from society on who you should be and what you should look like.

This also ties in a bit with the “uninteresting lives” shpeal I had before. I will say it again. The generally accepted notion is that any way you might possibly be able to make life slightly more exciting is unreachable, and so nobody ever tries it. Dreaming big is a fanciful notion, something we like to think we do, but it seems to stop at dreaming and never reaches the action stage. This makes no sense to me. I have so many things I want to do in my lifetime, and I have every intention of fulfilling each and every one of them, no matter how far-out the scheme.

For example, the next few years of my life I have planned out to perfection. First, I plan on staying here in Oregon for about a year, working at a regular job, getting some money while hiking, photographing, drawing, writing, hanging out with my one friend and getting to know the one other person I have encountered in this state that has managed to become even slightly interesting to me. Next fall I intend to go to Nashville and enroll in a music technology program at one of their music colleges. During that time I will locate Anthem Lights and become their apprentice. Completing my music technology degree should take a couple years, but after that I will probably either remain in Nashville or return to Oregon to work and get enough money to buy a house with my cousin somewhere in a forest but near a hill (so we can go hang-gliding). Our plans for the house are extensive and too many to bring up here, but the idea is by that time we will both have black belts in certain forms of martial arts and we will start a dojo in a nearby town, where we will continue to extend our knowledge of martial arts and will teach as many forms of it as humanely possible. Some time after that, I will possibly consider becoming a secret agent for awhile to get some excitement into my life, and hopefully die in the field (at a relatively young age, depending on how good of shape I’m in). Through all this time, I plan on continuing with my books, my music, and my drawings, and becoming pretty much self-sustaining through a vegetable and herb garden and by selling my various forms of art.

See what I mean? That kind of lifestyle might look kind of nice to some people, but how many do you think would actually go for it? I must have some sort of strange mental disorder or something, because any time someone tells me I can’t do something, I usually achieve it, even against all odds, and no matter the cost. The bottom line is that people, and particularly young people, simply don’t achieve anything! Nothing they do is for any real cause. They sit at home. They go to school. The teenage years are the launching pads into life, and yet there are people in their twenties and even early thirties still living with their parents, having done nothing significant in their lives, and seeming to have no intention of doing so. And I could talk about this all day.

But society’s limits are not only to dreaming. They’re to how you dress, where you work, what electronics you have, who your family and friends are ~ everything you can possibly imagine all packed into one tiny box of acceptance. I can’t talk much about the dressing part because I have absolutely NO fashion sense (something I’m not particularly distressed about), but I do know about the incredible amount of pressure placed on girls to become some sort of Victoria’s Secret model, and if you’re not a model, you’re not worth anything. That’s interesting because God’s word says exactly the opposite: it says that ALL people are treasured by Him, no matter what you look like or what you’ve done, and it says at the end of Proverbs, talking specifically TO FEMALES, that a woman’s beauty is measured by her spirit rather than her appearance.

4. Society puts too much weight on gender-based division.

I realize by now that this is going to be an enormous post, but y’all’re always wondering why I hate people so much (or at least you’ve heard about it), and I have many reasons why that I want to tell you about, so bear with me.

The gender-based division is really a frustration on my part because I find girls in general to be even more annoying than guys. Girls are more emotional, more affectionate, more dramatized, enjoy shopping for clothes, and are always referring to things as “cute,” and I’m not at all like that. In fact, the very few girls I can handle hanging out with for more than two hours are all more easygoing and down-to-earth. Guys, on the other hand, are more action-based, less inclined to over-dramatize everything, and show affection in less awkward ways. So my problem is that I don’t get along with girls very well and I don’t particularly enjoy being around them, but I can’t hang out with guys because I’m a nineteen-year-old girl and that’s just unacceptable.

I have very, VERY few people that I care a lot about. To be honest, I have three friends: one girl that has been my friend for eight years and my two girl cousins, whom I have been hung out with for as long as I can remember. Besides them, there are three people that I care a lot about, and honestly, all three are guys. I simply have not found a single young adult female who is even worth trying to get to know because there are major things that would cause serious rifts in our relationship. Okay, to be honest, two of the guys live in Nashville, but I HAVE spoken to them. Once. Each.

But anyway, the one guy that I know that lives here in Oregon is the one that I mentioned before that has managed to be interesting. He is very smart, very spontaneous, and has lots of intriguing skills, PLUS he seems to think similar to me ~ or at least noticeably more than all the other little humans. He and I share a lot of interests, and I think it would be enormous fun to go somewhere with him as sort of a photography thing, you know, just a couple of friends on a road trip, because we both like photography and road trips. But I can’t do it because of our stupid society and their rules and regulations. Even my parents have been sucked in: they don’t trust any male human. Of course they want to protect me, I can understand that, but to tell ME not to trust some of my friends simply because of their gender? That seems just ridiculous. I know this guy and I trust him, and I’m sorry, but I’m actually not. (It’s not like I’m not going to heed my parents’ words, mind you. I am always cautious and I don’t like to be touched. But you’d think they’d remember at least that I’m always armed, usually with more than one weapon, and I have been craving a good fight for years. I would love any opportunity to see what I’m made of without any real threat to my life, you know, as training for when I become a secret agent.)

pound it
This leads right up into another reason why I loathe the human population.

5. People are constantly drawing conclusions pointing to false relationships.

A GIRL AND A GUY CAN’T EVEN HANG OUT ANYMORE WITHOUT EVERYBODY GOING BESERK ABOUT THEM BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP. SERIOUSLY. LIFE IS JUST WHACKED ALL THE WAY OUT. If I even ATTEMPTED to go somewhere with a guy or bring one of those guys back from Nashville (simply because I care about them so much that I want them to see all the beautiful things in MY state), everybody would fly out of control thinking we’re in this relationship or something when we ARE, but not the kind they’re thinking of. It’s like the concept of a male human and a female human being friends doesn’t even register in people’s minds anymore. A guy and a girl can’t be “just friends.” They’ve GOT to be dating.

MEGAMINDAnd that’s where our next subject comes up.

6. Gossiping is more fun than stimulating conversation.

One thing I do not understand about people is their desire to gossip. All over the place, left and right, gossip gossip gossip. Why do they feel like they have to talk about everybody else? The only explanation I can think of is that their own lives are so horribly drab that their work life or even a peculiar happening at home is not even worth mentioning in conversation. But that’s just the thing. If everybody else’s life is as un-exciting as your own, then why do you make such an effort to tell all of someone else’s stories? Nobody knows YOUR stories, and sure as heck you got plenty of them, so why not tell those? When you gossip, you’re telling OTHER people’s stories, stories that are THEIRS to tell or keep secret as they so desire. And what if there’s someone that you’re talking to that hasn’t met the person you’re talking about yet? By gossiping about them, that person may decide that they don’t want to know the person you’re talking about, and there you go, friendship denied before it ever had a chance to begin. The possible relationship between those two people is NOT yours to manipulate.

victorious7. People suffer from lack of communication.

Also stemming from the false relationships and the gender divisions is humans’ apparent inability to tell people what’s happening from their perspective, to get the other person’s perspective, and to talk it through to get to a conclusion that pleases both or all parties involved. This seems to happen mostly, ironically, in important relationships. How many shows have you seen where the girl gets all upset at the guy for something that she thought he did that he didn’t actually do, and then they break up and they’re both depressed and miserable for most of the remainder of the movie? Yeah. And it’s all because the girl jumped to conclusions and didn’t think to SHUT UP FOR A SPLIT SECOND so the guy could explain what was going on. Lack of communication.

It also occurs among parents and teenagers, stemming from the ancient and apparently extinct root of RESPECT. This might be a foreign concept to some of you younger readers, but kids used to be told to respect their elders, and especially their parents. This INCLUDES letting them know if you’re going somewhere or doing something and who you’re doing it with, and YES, this applies to teenagers too. In my opinion, if you live in your parents’ house, you should live by their rules. Your parents want to know these things like where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re going to be with because they actually love you, and they’re concerned about your well-being. And you should realize that your parents actually do a LOT for you ~ for example, feed you, clothe you, and give you a place to live ~ and it’s not easy to get the money to raise a family, especially in modern times, what with the economy going crazy and all that (which I actually know nothing about, but I’ve heard it mentioned sometime over the past couple years). They don’t need worry about you piled up on top of their stress about everything else in life, so if you wouldn’t mind having a tiny bit of respect and just letting them know what’s going on in your corner of the house, that would be very much appreciated.

Personally, it never even occurred to me to go somewhere without letting my parents know first. My dad even had to ask my mom one time if I really needed to tell them when I was going somewhere, possibly because my brother never really did. But I was raised by wooden spoon and I have high regards for respect.

limp noodle8. People have become too serious.

I’ve been looking forward to talking about this one. Like I said before, it seems like nowadays the only way people know how to have “fun” is by getting drunk at parties. I don’t get why you would do that. Humans have just lost the element of true, pure fun. People get stressed easily over work and school. They’re always so concerned about deadlines. It’s like in the song “Mayberry” (one of my favorites by the way, though I say that about a lot of songs): people can’t just sit on a porch on a Sunday and drink an ice-cold cherry Coke with their homies anymore. They’ve got to be going, working, doing anything at all to get ahead in life, and for what? The memories you have at the end are all that’s going to matter, and you’re wasting valuable opportunity for making some by driving yourself into the ground trying to avoid missing a deadline. All that constant going is bad for you. You need to relax once in awhile, let the stress melt away, and give your brain something positive to work off of if you want to perform at your best…at ANYTHING. Go run on the beach with your friends. Play with the neighbor’s puppy. Settle down on the couch with a good book. Look at baby animal pictures (which has been scientifically proven to enhance your work ability). Don’t take jokes so personally. Try to remember the TRUE meaning of “fun.”

hm2My next two reasons are very much interlinked.

9. People display a serious lack of kindness.

People are so busy running around doing their own thing that they forget how grateful they should be about what they already have, and so fail to show any kindness to the homeless man rooting for food in the garbage bins or the orphaned children begging for a few coins on the street. This might seem like pretty obvious people to be kind to, but the truth is, people are even unkind to other people just like themselves. Look at airports and other public places like that. There are few apologies for bumping into someone, no compliments to complete strangers on the shirt they’re wearing, very little acknowledgement of other human beings at all. You don’t often see a guy go to open a door for a girl or old lady he doesn’t know simply for the sake of being a gentleman. And this spans even to schools and colleges. Nobody walks up and offers to keep you company when they notice you’re eating alone. When you’re a teenager, often times you can feel like it’s just you against the whole world, and a kind gesture could give you the hope you need to keep going. For all you or I may know, lack of kindness might be one of the chief reasons why so many young people commit suicide. Puberty can be a rough time and it’s common for teenagers to feel very alone and unloved, and when you’re that young, having friends and feeling loved is pretty much all there is in the world, and if you don’t have it, what’s the point of living? Because who would care or miss you if you were dead?

jack1010. People show far too much lack of concern and desire to put effort into a new friendship.

You know how much I can talk on the subject of friendship. It’s apparently a much more complicated relationship than I realized. And the thing is, it’s so easy to like a person and want to get to know them and to try so hard to be their friend, and with absolutely nothing in return. It happens a lot, probably a lot more than anybody realizes. And I’ve done it too. I know what it’s like. You feel like your heart will never be the same. You have gone so many places and met so many people. Every time you meet someone new, you give them a little piece of your heart. When they don’t give you a piece of theirs back, it’s like you’ve lost a part of yourself.

The question is, how much of that can the human heart take?

Close your eyes and imagine as many people you know as possible. Then just look at them all. They’re each so different. Their thoughts, their feelings, are more complex than Rubik’s Cubes. We are all of us books in the library that is the world. Take me, for example. I would give my knowledge and my company to anyone who asked for it. I am an open book, but nobody cares to read the story. Some have picked it up, read a few pages, liked it maybe, but found they didn’t have the time, didn’t feel like making the effort, put it back on the shelf, and figured they’d wait for the movie. But every book has details that the movie has no room for, and those details, I’ve found, are usually the most important.

impaled211. People are unreliable.
I realize that it’s getting awfully late, and that this post is very large. But before I go, I wanna tell you a secret. Just a little something I’ve learned about people. If you never expect anything from them, you’ll never be disappointed. And expecting anything from a person at all is often times either stupid or dangerous, or both.


So there you go. Eleven reasons why I hate people. I might add more as things come up. Hopefully you haven’t been too badly offended, and hopefully I haven’t taught you to hate the human race too. I was going to add Sherlock quotes and such, but I’ve decided that this post is plenty large enough without them, and I do believe I’ve gotten my point across.