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Sharing your feelings can be difficult sometimes ~ not that I would know, but I’ve seen a lot of movies, so I can guess. Having seen so many movies, I have collected a variety of options on how to tell someone how you truly feel about them. In this post I’ll be focusing on how to tell someone you like how you feel. Obviously if you hate them there will be a few other ways to tell them. But for now, seven ways to tell someone you like them.

First, the most cowardly way: avoid telling them and hope they figure it out by themselves. I say it’s cowardly for lack of a better word. It probably won’t spare you any pain, but it will spare you the nervousness of having to actually tell them you like them, so I guess that’s a plus. However, keep in mind that this method does not have a high success rate, and the likelihood that you will actually manage to develop a deeper relationship with the target, because pretty much what you’re doing is waiting for them to develop feelings for you, as well as the courage to tell you about it. In which case, they might come and read this post. (Unlikely, but hey, I can hope.)

The second method is telling them over text, though this is often viewed as cheap and pathetic. The plus side to this is that text cannot carry emotion, which spares you the sweating and the stuttering and other symptoms of nervousness, which may or may not have helped you face-to-face, depending on your target. It does spare awkward fidgeting on both sides, which I suppose is a good thing.

You could also suck it up and tell them outright. No, I’m serious. Stand up straight, chin up, walk over to them, and just tell them how you feel. You don’t have to be all romantic or anything about it. Just be honest. Fly casual in case the response is disappointing, and always try to keep your cool. Downside to this method is the possibility of flat-out rejection which may cause you pain and heartbreak that will take you weeks to get over. But anyways.

Another way is romanticizing (that probably wasn’t the right use of the word). Get them alone with a beautiful view and quote something really deep and heartfelt from a movie. (The reason I suggest movie quoting is because you’ll probably be too nervous to make up something smooth and beautiful, whereas memorizing pre-spun words and just repeating them will come easier. However, keep in mind that there’s always the chance that you’ll forget the words in a sudden mind-blanking, in which case, try a move to hand-holding as an alternative.)

If you’re a guy trying to “woo” a girl (if you’ll pardon the word, which I instantly regret using) and you’re creatively gifted, you could put your talents to good use and write a poem or a song or draw a picture for them. Girls seem to like this for some reason, probably because it’s personalized and you put time and effort into it. But I wouldn’t know ~ you’ll have to ask a different girl for confirmation on that.

Or ~ this is a fun one ~ you can experience near-death with them in which both of you admit your feelings because you think your lives are ending. This is a personal favorite of mine and it seems to work fairly well in my viewing experience (if you both somehow miraculously manage to survive) because when you’re stuck in dangerous circumstances, you’re both fighting a common enemy and that kind of throws you together in a bond of a special type of loyalty. Note that this only works if you’re on the same side. I have no advice for someone that has developed feelings for an enemy. Also note that there is a very small chance of this type of situation coming up, though if it does, I say go for it!

The seventh and final method is to make subtle hints such as “We should hang out more” or “I like the way you think” and hope that small amount of flattering attention will eventually turn their heart, though you usually need to add one of the other methods after awhile.

Well, that’s all I have for now. If you happen to use one of these methods and it actually happens to work, hey, you’re welcome! (That’s more than I expected!) Good luck!