When I first mentioned the idea for this post to my sister, she said, “Why don’t you do it about hamburgers or something?” The answer to that is simple yet effective: Everybody loves tacos. Plus, hamburgers are all good and well, but I wanted to reach out to some of the other cultures which may not eat hamburgers. Tacos, as far as I am aware, are a worldwide thing. (SHOUT OUT TO TACOS ON THEIR RISE TO FAME!) So, without further ado, I present: Five life lessons from tacos.

1. Don’t fill them too full.

It’s good to have things going on in your life. It’s good to keep busy. On an internal note, it’s good to think and dream and have questions about life. But, like your tacos, you gotta make sure you don’t have too much, or you might burst. Explode. Lose your cool. Your sauce will just leak out all over the place, and then all you’ve got is a big mess. Keep an eye on what you’ve got going. Remember: moderation.

2. Have the right balance that fits your preferences.

You know how sometimes you’ll order a taco and it’s got green peppers or sour cream dripping out of it or tomatoes or something and you just feel like crying because it’s making your taco all disgusting? Of course you do. Everybody knows what that’s like. Too much sour cream or the addition of some ingredient you can’t stand puts a real damper on your Mexican dining experience. There’s enough disappointments in life without you having to worry about your tacos going awry. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ve only got the stuff on there that you like, and just the right amount to make your taste buds sing happy Mexican folk songs. It’s the same with life. People are always trying to stuff things in your life that you just don’t need. They try to send you off to college when you don’t wanna go, bug you to watch a TV show you don’t care for, or make you work somewhere you hate. What you gotta do in those situations is just stop doing those things and start focusing on the things you enjoy. You can make a career out of almost anything these days, so don’t try to argue with me about needing money or whatever.

3. Toss what you don’t like.

Yeah, I just talked about that, but seriously. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Toss them peppers if you don’t like ’em. Add more cheese. Cheese is good.

4. Have plenty of variety.

How you like your tacos is your own business, but I’m just saying, the flavors make the taco and you gotta have plenty of ’em or it just isn’t Mexican. You gotta have a lot of variety in your life because otherwise you’ll just get bored and you’ll lose all motivation to do anything. Pursue your interests even if you just have time to do a little on the side. Like, if you want to play an instrument or write a book, just do it for an hour a day or every three days or once a week even. You gotta keep it interesting. Keep it fresh. Like your taco.

5. Hard or soft ~ your choice.

You know when you drive up to Taco Bell and you see all those options on the menu and you just don’t know what to do because everything looks amazing? Of course you do. So you sit there for awhile just gazing at the choices and the pictures and the pure beauty of it all, until finally you narrow it down to the supreme taco. But now you’ve got yet another choice to make: hard or soft? Do you want that satisfying crunch or would you rather get a soft and avoid possibly stabbing yourself in the gums? Now you gotta measure the pros and cons depending on where you’re eating it, how many you wanna eat, and any number of other questions you have to ask yourself before you can finally make your decision (I mean, if you’re driving, it would probably be smarter to get a soft taco because it’s difficult to keep everything from falling out of the crunchy ones if you only have one hand). Same goes with life. You can choose a soft, easy life where you get a normal job and have a (relatively) normal family and just go with the flow, or you can go for a hard life full of adventure and risk and dream-chasing. But in the end, it’s all your own choice, and you gotta make the right one. Or you could get some of both, which is a good negotiation, but then you gotta decide which ones to eat first. That’s life for you. Constantly making decisions.

Well, that’s everything I’ve got for you today. You see, you can learn valuable life lessons from all sorts of things. All you got to do is look. Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this talk about Mexican food is making me hungry. I think I might go get a taco.