This is a movie about a guy who gets tossed back in time and becomes seventeen again. I found it entertaining. My favorite character was Ned, the crazy psychopath guy who was a total geek and nerd and dork and any other degrading name you can come up with. The guy had an awesome house. He was rich, so he could buy anything he wanted. He had stashed his house full of Star Wars stuff and video games. The guy had the ideal life if you ask me. His bed was a landspeeder. He had plastic lightsabers that actually came on and looked like real lightsabers (though that was probably just a special effect to make the movie more interesting or dramatic or whatever). He had a life-sized Darth Vader figurine and loads of other cool stuff.

The main problem with this movie was the one scene where Ned and the principal (Ms. Masterson?) had dinner. They were attempting to speak Elvish in the scene, but anyone (well, anyone like me) could tell that it wasn’t really Elvish. Since when was “ban” the word for “mine”? Never, that’s when. It totally put me out of sorts.

It also had Zac Efron in it. Who I hate more than probably any other actor except Mark Hamill. I haven’t decided which of them I hate more. (No offense, guys. Okay, a little offense. Never mind, neither one of you will ever read this anyway. And even if you did, I still don’t like you. Sorry.)

So basically, I hated this movie, but you will probably love it.