Funny, how it took a little bit of pain to remember that certain parts of yourself were alive.-

Let’s Get Lost is a book containing the stories of five different teens. Hudson was a mechanic who thought he wanted to be a doctor, but it turned out what he REALLY wanted was for his life to stay the same. Bree was a rebellious girl who had run away from her authoritative sister after their parents died. Elliot was a hopeless romantic who wanted nothing more than to be with the girl of his dreams, who had also been his close friend since childhood. Sonia was terrified of losing her ex-boyfriend’s family ~ who had become like a family to her ~ after his death, when she realized that she had fallen in love with someone else. And Leila was a roadtripper whose background was as much a mystery to her as it was to the people she met on her journey, and yet she managed to touch each of the other four along the way.

Honestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this book. I didn’t like the language it had in it ~ it wasn’t THAT bad, but it certainly wasn’t necessary. But it was a relatable book, and I have a lot of quotes to share, so I’ll keep the overview to a minimum. One thing I liked was that each of the five characters had something interesting about them that enriched their part in the story: Hudson was a treasure hunter, Bree was an adventurous hitchhiker, Elliot had an admirable knowledge of movies, Sonia was a writer, and Leila ~ well, you didn’t even know her story until the end, which kept up her air of mystery really well. Each one of them had their own kind of wisdom, and I’ll be sharing something from them in the quotes below. Allonsy!

-“I like red ~ don’t get me wrong. But I have a deep appreciation for anything that is willing to be totally and utterly itself. If you’re going to be red, well, then, be red [dang it]. From your steering wheel to your hubcaps, be red.”-

These are Leila’s words, spoken to Hudson when they first met. Leila’s car is VERY red, and she had an awful lot of wisdom for someone who was suffering from amnesia. But I agree with this statement (though I don’t often apply it to cars). I know you probably hear it a lot, but I’m gonna say it anyway: be yourself. Once upon a time, being different was a good thing. Now those differences just divide us. You deserve to embrace your awesomeness. Stand up for who you are. Reject the status quo. I dare you. (And yeah, that’s a Disney Channel Original Movie quote. I feel no shame.)

Her back was to him, her figure silhouetted against the fading light so that she seemed a little less real, a little less like a beautiful girl who understood him standing in his room and more like an apparition that could dissipate at any second. He flipped the light switch on but said nothing, giving her space to explore. He didn’t want her to seem like an apparition, wanted to keep her real for as long as possible.-

You know how it feels when you’re having fun with someone you really like ~ a friend or family member or significant other or whatever ~ and you suddenly sort of drift out of yourself and look at the moment and realize how much it feels like a dream, and you never want to wake up? I think every one of us has had one of those moments. I wish I had a lot more. It always seems like those moments are over far too soon.

No, I didn’t have anything super deep and intelligent to say about this quote. It is pretty, though, isn’t it?

How could all those things exist inside him at the same time and not tear him to shreds, reduce him to a pile of rubble on the sidewalk?-

And now here’s the opposite end of the spectrum, where you’re so full of inner chaos and your emotions are fighting like it’s World War III, each one feeling so right and so wrong at the same time. How is it even possible, you wonder, to feel so much and not have your heart explode? (I feel you, sehnesin. I know you do.)

“When you don’t have any reason to think of days as weekdays or weekends, you start to realize that all the days are pretty much the same. And that kind of gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. It’s a lot easier to seize the day than it is to seize a Tuesday. You have errands on Tuesday. On Tuesday you eat pizza again. Your favorite TV show is on Tuesday, you know? But THE DAY…” she said, adding hand gestures to signify the importance. “THE DAY is all just hours you’re alive for. They can be filled with anything. Unexpectedness, wildness, maybe a little bit of lawlessness, even. You just have to have something that constantly reminds you to do it. I don’t really ever have to tell myself to seize the day. It’s just, whenever I’m not, I feel like I’m slowly disintegrating or something. Like my soul is itching, and if I don’t actively live my life, it’ll never stop. Seizing the day isn’t always about something meaningful,” Bree said, slipping another tea into the bag. “Sometimes it’s just about indulging in stupid whims that make you feel alive. The occasional weird comment is all part of seizing the day. The appreciation eventually just comes pouring out of you.”-

This is a very long quote, I admit, and it would have been a lot longer except I cut out all the extra stuff in between in a few places, you know, just the stuff that was said to keep the conversation going as it was happening. This was all Bree’s wisdom, stuff she’d learned in her nine months of hitchhiking. People always say to “seize the day” (and there’s no one I’d rather do a little day-seizing with than you, sehnesin), but you’ll find that’s very hard to do if you remember all the things you feel you have to do ~ like errands, schedules, everyday responsibilities. If you remember each day by what day of the week it is and what you’re “supposed” to do on that day, you’re never going to be able to seize it properly (until you get good enough to day-seize smartly around your plans). Everybody’s got the same amount of hours in the day, but it seems like so many have so few. That’s almost sad, really. There is no time for day-seizing or even just relaxing (which is wildly important in its own right).

Day-seizing wakes your mind up and helps you think creatively and (I can only imagine) productively. You’ll also start seeing the world in a new light, and you’ll see beauty where there wasn’t any before. And the more you look for adventure, the easier it will be to find it ~ or make it ~ although I’d back off on the “lawlessness” part of Bree’s speech if I were you.

The reminder that Bree had were her dead parents. It might be a little gruesome, but it can’t be easy to forget about your parents being gone. Their absence would be a needle in your heart daily. And death is a VERY good reminder to live your life to the fullest. And, like Bree said, day-seizing doesn’t have to always be something intense and creative. It could just be one of those things that you just feel like doing. You have no real reason, you just want to do it. Unless it’s against the law or it might hurt someone else, I have never found a good reason not to give in to one of those random whims.

They walked slowly but triumphantly to the car, and once inside they burst into laughter, the kind of manic laughter that refuses to die down, grasping on to everything around it and saying, Look, this is funny, too. Leila tossed the cardboard display into the backseat and, still laughing, put her forehead on Bree’s shoulder. When they could control themselves, Leila started the car, and Bree realized that it had been awhile since she had truly shared a laugh with someone. She’d laughed WITH others, sure. But they’d either been drug-addled laughs or laughs directed at a television. Those were isolated laughs, lonelier. This ~ well, it was sisterly.-

Don’t you just love it (though it’s slightly painful) when you’re in one of those moods and everything is funny? You get into a bit of deliriousness and you laugh uncontrollably at everything (but it’s not too annoying for anybody, because you’re laughing so hard no sound is coming out). Those moods are even better when they’re shared with someone else, and I guarantee it’ll strengthen your bond with that person as well, and if you’re lucky it’ll become an inside joke, at least for a little while. (And inside jokes are the BEST.) Uncontrollable laughter over something that has happened in real life is innumerably better than any laughter at a telly or Internet meme. Loneliness and pain can still be present in those laughs, even despite the smiling. But when you’re laughing uncontrollably, like Bree and Leila are here, it’s completely different. Your pain, your feelings, your worries, your problems, just melt away. And for awhile ~ even a very short while ~ life isn’t so bad.

In fact, it’s really quite beautiful.

-“People hurt each other,” Leila said without much inflection in her voice. “It happens to everyone. Intentionally, unintentionally, regretfully or not. It’s a part of what we do as people. The beauty is that we have the ability to heal and forgive.”-

All of these quotes are still within Bree’s story, and I have to admit, yeah, it’s probably because Bree was my favorite character. But it’s also because there was a lot of wisdom in it. You can see for yourself what the wisdom is in this quote. (I wish you could read it, sehnesin.) It ties in a little with the next one.

-“I guarantee you that I’ve got a story that will make you thankful your problems are as small as they are. [Heck], I’m sure you have a story that will make me feel like my problems are small. But what good is that? Everyone pointing out how awful everything is instead of trying to clean it up a bit?”-

I guess you might have realized it by now: Leila’s really good at speeches. This one in particular was pretty dead-on. It seems like everybody complains and focuses on their own issues far too much, while doing nothing to help each other. All it could take is a room number to get two sisters with a troubled relationship back on the path to loving sisterliness. We have the blessing and the curse of being able to cause remarkable pain in each other, but also remarkable healing. We have the ability to forgive the wrongs committed against us, and to do something kind for someone, just for the heck of it. So just forget about your own problems for a moment and reach out to someone else, and maybe your burden will be lightened in return.

-“Don’t get the wrong idea,” she said. “That was just to show you that it can happen to you. That you can get a happy ending, if you find the right person.” She removed her hand from his chest but kept her eyes on his. “I know you were hoping that person was Maribel. But just because things turned out differently with her, that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to experience movie love.”-

I admit this book had far more romance than I expected, and far too much kissing than I will ever be okay with. I’m one of those people who finds kissing incredibly disgusting. But there was also a lot of emotional healing in this book, which was a good thing for me to see and learn from. (I wish you could read this, sehnesin.)

Everybody wants that perfect love story (well, ALMOST everybody), the kind you see in the movies. The guy always gets the girl, right? Elliot knows that ~ he’s seen a lot of movies, like I have. And he thought for sure that if he pulled off a romantic stunt like the kind you see on screen, his beloved Maribel would certainly fall for him. Well, his plan didn’t work out at first. (Yes, it worked out in the end. Spoilers.) But (sehnesin) just because you want someone specific to be your girl, doesn’t mean she will be. And that doesn’t mean you’ll never get the love story you’ve always dreamed of. Your girl WILL come, and she’ll be so perfect for you that you’ll forget all about the one you originally wanted it to be. (Okay, you probably won’t forget ALL about her. Something about your first love or whatever.)

-“Hey, look, we’ve all been there,” Leila said. “If I know anything, it’s that keeping your problems to yourself only makes them harder to deal with.”

“Yeah? You go around telling your problems to everyone around?” Sonia said, immediately regretting her tone.

Leila lowered her head. “No, I don’t. Not enough. That’s why I know.”-

I’ve never shared my problems with anybody. Well, not my deepest, darkest secrets, anyway. I think a lot of people keep those things hidden inside, and that’s not a good thing. All they do in there is fester like a mental illness, and cause you even more pain. (I can feel it sometimes, rotting away my insides. And yours, sehnesin.) Confessing it gives someone else the ability to help you deal with it (or possibly blackmail you and rip your heart all the way out, but ya know). Letting it out releases it from your heart, so it can’t burn you so badly anymore. The fumes might still linger for awhile, but it’ll help.

Surely it’ll help. It’s got to. It can’t hurt any worse than this, right?

-“I seriously doubt that whatever is on your mind is actually dumb, but even if it is, dumb is a natural part of the human condition. Especially when it comes to emotions.”-

Contrary to what Leila said, it’s very possible that what you’re thinking is dumb. People are not overly intelligent when emotions are involved. That COULD be because they don’t understand them. Emotions have this way of sneaking up on you and effecting you in ways that you don’t even realize until long after the incident that caused them. And the thing about them is that nobody ever feels the exact same thing. That’s the crazy thing, the thing I can’t stand. I will never know what somebody else feels about something, because I’m trapped inside my own body. I’ll never know how a sunset makes another person’s heart trill, or the swell of pride from them doing something just right, or the intensity of love they feel for their soulmate. (I will never know, sehnesin, how badly it hurt you. I will never be able to feel that pain, and it kills me.) How can I ever truly understand someone if I never know how they feel?

That’s why sometimes other people’s emotions, or attention to those emotions, seems stupid to us. Something important to you may be unnecessary to someone else, or something seemingly minor in your eyes could be another person’s whole world. How much they care about something seems dumb because it doesn’t hold the same value to you. That’s why it takes such a very, very long time to understand anybody, and why so few bother to make the effort.

“Where are you headed?” the driver called out over the music, which she hadn’t bothered to turn down.
“Anywhere,” Bree called back, exactly as she’d said over and over again, the perfect nomadic answer.-