Hope deferred makes a heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

I have liked this verse for a long time. I don’t know why; I guess I just found something relatable in it. I know what it feels like to chase something for a long time without feeling like you’re making any progress. It dampens the spirit, makes you feel downhearted, kind of like you can’t do anything right, or anything at all sometimes. Nothing is more disappointing than failing to reach your expectations, and the higher your expectations, the more it’ll hurt if you fail to reach them. So to avoid this, we have no expectations at all.

But the thing is, you NEED to have goals and dreams. The idea of success ~ or what you MIGHT achieve from it ~ motivates you and drives you toward it, gives you something to focus on. Nothing is sweeter than achieving something you’ve long waited for and worked towards.

The “tree of life” that this verse talks about symbolizes a paradise, indicating the state we’ll be in by achieving our dreams. I think it’s a really cool symbolization. It reminds me of the Tree of Gondor. Which might not be such a good comparison, since the Tree of Gondor was mostly dead. But whatever. Trees!