A lot of people would probably do some sort of intro or something before leaping right into who and what Jesus is, but I’m too lazy to think up a fancy intro, so in we go.

Jesus is…

Intense. He raged against the religious, but partied with sinners. However, he never sinned ~ showing us that it’s REALLY possible to have a good time without sinning. Just follow Jesus’ example.

Tough. He flipped over countless tables in an outrage. He lashed whips and drove away the moneylenders in the temple. And nobody tried to stop him ~ that’s a testament to his toughness.

Loving. After flipping them tables and driving away them people, he hugged children. He consistently talked to the destitute, preached compassion, fed the poor, and touched the blind, crippled, and even the lepers ~ which NOBODY wanted to touch, probably not even fellow lepers.

100% man. Jesus allowed himself to be wrapped in skin so he could die for other humans. One of the first teachings asserted that he only SEEMED human, and didn’t have a real body like we do, but in Luke 24:36-43, he ate fish in the presence of his disciples.

Because he is 100% man, Jesus can relate to everything you’re going through ~ thoughts, feelings, joys, pain, trials, and temptations. He experienced life at its full intensity on every level. Even loneliness. We might think to ourselves, “Jesus was never really alone. He had his disciples, and all those people coming to him all the time. He didn’t get lonely.” But think about it. Jesus had all of God’s wisdom ~ or at least a lot of it, and far more than we have. He probably didn’t have anyone he could really talk to that understood where he was coming from. And when he was betrayed by his disciples as the Romans came to take him away, Jesus must have felt like the loneliest person in the world.

100% God. Jesus rules in heaven and is worshiped and adored by millions of angels at a time. He claimed to be God in John 10:28-33: “I and the Father are one,” and again in John 14:8-9: “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” He then proved he was God through His resurrection ~ no mere human can bring himself back from the dead. He was without sin, supernaturally placed in Mary’s womb by God ~ therefore Adam’s sin was never passed to him.

Because he is 100% God, Jesus can give you the strength to control your thoughts and feelings so you can experience joy to the fullest. He walks you through pain and trials and leads you away from temptation. And because He knows all, nothing will catch Him by surprise.

But here’s what’s awesome: when you pray in the name of Jesus, you are coming to God with the authority of the most precious thing in the universe to Him ~ His Son. The mere presence of Jesus at God’s right hand is our most powerful asset, because He knows what we’re going through. He can sympathize with us as little humans with our little human problems. He loves us and wants to help us, and wants us to find the Father so we can be part of His Kingdom.