“I hardly know her, but when I met her, it’s like I wanted time to stop.”-

I’m not sure what I would classify this book as, but I suppose science fiction is the best guess. It has to do with parallel worlds, after all, which is very sci-fi.

Parallel worlds are very fascinating to contemplate. Imagine if they were real, and there was another you who was you but completely different. Imagine if your parents hadn’t died when you were young. Imagine if your career took off and you became big and successful. Imagine if you didn’t have all the little issues plaguing your life that you have right now.

Everybody has those thoughts, those fantasies. Everybody wonders how their life would be different that way. No matter how great your life is, you can always think of a few ways it could be better.

What is it the Doctor said about parallel worlds? “Every single decision we make creates a parallel existence.” It’s funny how we’re always the center of attention. Every decision YOU make creates a parallel world. There must be an awful lot of parallel worlds if that applies to everyone.

I enjoyed this book, really. It was interesting. I seem to say that about all the books I review, don’t I? Maybe I’m just good at picking them. Or maybe I just love books, and I find them all interesting.

First quote we’re going to get into is one that addresses the quote I posted at the beginning of this blog post.

How does that feel, liking someone so much you want time to stop?-

I don’t know if that makes you in love, or what. Sometimes I think you just love and appreciate someone so much that you want nothing more than to be in their presence, just to extend the moment, and enjoy every ounce of it. I’ve felt it before, fo shizzle. And I don’t think it necessarily means you’re in love with that person. I think you just really love who they are and spending time with them.

And I think it’s really beautiful.

He tucks his hands into his pockets and looks at the sky, “You’d be surprised how many people don’t actually notice when you’re gone.” We’ve almost reached the end of the sidewalk. “The secret is not making a big deal about it.”-

This is really depressingly true. A lot of the time, nobody even notices when you’re gone. Or maybe that’s just me. But I notice, which makes it even worse because it’s so obvious to me when someone’s missing, yet no one else even seems to care. But to me, it’s like there’s an empty place where they should be. But people just sort of continue on, as if everything’s normal. I don’t even know if they think about the missing person. That is so sad to me. But, like Danny said, you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. If you’re the noticer, you shouldn’t blame everyone else for not being as observant in this case as you are. And if you’re the missing person, you shouldn’t blame them for not caring about you as much as you maybe care about them. Besides, maybe they DO care, and they just don’t know how to show it. People are funny that way. It seems so simple to me just to tell someone you miss them. What’s wrong with that? Yet others appear to find it so hard.

I can tell she’s trying to envision it. If only I could somehow transfer the images from my brain to hers. Make her see my world.-

I really wish I was telepathic. Then this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s freakishly annoying to want so badly to see into someone else’s head, and not be able to. I am forever stuck in my own brain, with my own thought process and my own memories and my own feelings, and I feel so caged because of it. Nobody else seems to give it a second thought ~ that’s just how it is. But how are you okay with it?!

“I miss them, Eevee. I miss them so much. I keep thinking about all the little things. The way my mom hums when she does the dishes. The way she answers the phone. Dad’s jokes, and how he chews his food.” I rest my head on my arms and look at her. “It’s weird what you remember about people when they’re suddenly not around.”-

And what’s sad is that you don’t even notice or appreciate those things when they ARE around. You didn’t realize just how much you loved them until they are gone. Those tiny things that make them THEM. So beautiful.

I’m learning how to hide the pain. Pretend it doesn’t exist and no one will notice. Nothing to see here, move along. Go through the motions as if everything is the way it’s supposed to be.-

I like this book. I do. And I want to read the second one. I look forward to it. But look at this quote. This is literally how it is. You try to downplay your pain so you don’t bother anyone else, and so they don’t see your “weakness.” I think it’s natural for a human ~ or any other animal really ~ to do that, to hide their pain because they consider it weakness. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. But you do need someone to talk to about it. I just hope you find someone you can trust.

“I thought you were gone.” Her cries echo off the overpass walls.

“I thought I was, too.” I look into her eyes. “Don’t let me go. Please. Don’t. Let me. Go.”-