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-“I’ve noticed that almost all of the modesty conversation centers around what ladies can do to help guys out, but I haven’t seen anything about guys needing to be modest. I understand that it’s because guys are more visual in general, but I tend to be more of a visual person too, and seeing guys shirtless can be tempting. Should guys think about modesty too, or is this my problem to deal with?“-

As basically everyone here seems to have agreed, I think that guys should definitely look to be modest. I think I’ve always believed this, but while listening to speeches on the importance of modesty in girls, I just sort of assumed that guys already knew it, and maybe that’s why they didn’t talk about it as much (a serious lack of thought on my part, I now realize). While I don’t find shirtless guys tempting, it does make me uncomfortable, and I tend to shy away and look away from him (though perhaps this is a natural reaction from being exposed to old TV shows when modest dressing was more common?). This has even happened with my dad and my brother. Going shirtless (or even skintight shirts) and sagging pants makes my brain flare with the warning: “Back away! Not safe.” I’m not sure why this happens, but I’m not entirely ungrateful for it.

Like it has also been mentioned in several of the other comments, I think it also depends largely on who is around. I have a friend who said she and her husband have talked at length about what she would be allowed to wear in certain situations, depending on whether or not the people around her would be believers or unbelievers. I wish I could remember how she put it, but basically she could wear tank tops and things like that around unbelievers, who were more accustomed to seeing girls dress skimpily. However, Christian guys might be, and maybe even ARE, more prone to stumbling, especially if they grew up in the church. I think it’s the same thing when it’s the other way around. Girls who grow up in church aren’t used to seeing their male acquaintances strip their shirt off for swimming or a friendly game of ultimate football, and so that might cause them to stumble even if non-believing girls mayn’t. So I think that it’s VERY important for both genders to be aware of their modesty when they’re around Christian brothers and sisters, because we’re called to unity, and how can we stay unified if we’re constantly causing each other to stumble?