-“Being raised in the buckle of the Bible belt, this question has been weighing on me for a while.

It sometimes frustrates me that we insist on putting on our best clothes to go to Sunday morning service, but then on Wednesday nights we wear our jeans with holes and our racerback tank tops, and it’s somehow different.

I want to know what the Bible has to say on this, and I want to know what you all think. Do any of you know of verses that apply to this?

Outside of ‘tradition,’ why should we as the body of Christ want to look nice on Sunday morning?”-

My church is pretty casual about dress, being as it’s a country church, the clothing “niceness” level is at about Little House On the Prairie church service (minus the bonnets :P). Most of the girls wear dresses, but you’re allowed to wear pants or even nice jeans if you want, and guys usually wear nice jeans and a nice shirt ~ I don’t think anybody there wears a suit besides our pastor. I think that looking nice in church is meant to give you a mentality of respect for God, but I think when it comes right down to it, it would be better to be in jeans and a t-shirt and have your heart fully committed to God on Sunday morning than to be in a pressed suit and tie and not have your thoughts on Him.

When it comes to youth group, I think it’s the same thing, but plus this: at youth group, you’re doing more than just sitting there listening to a sermon. You’re also fellowshipping with friends and playing games. After hearing your mother all your life telling you not to get your nice clothes dirty, it’s just illogical to wear them somewhere where you’re going to be running around and having fun. Youth group also doesn’t seem to have as solemn an air as church does (I don’t like to call it solemn because it’s not supposed to be, but it’s not as thrilling as it could be), and since it’s focused on teenagers, it has a higher energy level in general, and it’s more like a mutual casual worship of God than the strict, polite worship of church (maybe other churches don’t feel like that, but mine does), and wearing fancy clothing to a casual, fun Jesus discussion just doesn’t feel right.