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-I’m writing to tell you I miss you. I think I’ll always miss you. I didn’t know missing could be forever.-

This book was interesting, but also rather sad. The main character had killed his best friend, and the whole book was basically him trying to remember if he did it on purpose, because he was suffering from post-trauma memory loss. I read this book like a fortnight ago, so mostly I’m just trying to remember if anything happened that I should mention. But I can’t remember anything. So many books have gone by since then…

-It was funny how from the outside everything could look the same.-

The point everyone needs to keep remembering is that you can never tell what is below the surface just by glancing at someone. Sometimes you can see a person’s mood, and you can guess that they’re sad or angry or whatever, but you can’t glean the reason why from just looking. And a loth of the time, people don’t give any outer indication at all that something is different, while on the inside or below the surface, everything is wrong. Keep in mind that the people around you might be going through something awful, and they could really use your encouragement as opposed to you getting angry about them cutting you off or whatever. Try smiling. That might help.

-“Sometimes you have to look beyond the words.”-

Not only are people good at not showing, they’re also good at not telling. They can be as happy and funny as ever, when underneath they want to cry, and it’s taking everything they have to just stay strong. The most common reply to “How are you?” is “Fine,” and it seems like a lot of the time that response is accepted. But how often are we really just fine when we say we’re fine? When do we ever share the hurt and fear that lies in our hearts when asked that question?

-“Have you ever wanted something so bad, you thought there had to be a way for it to happen?”-

I just want to repeat the question because I feel like it explains itself. Usually, I don’t think “There’s got to be a way this can happen.” I just assume there is, and that I’m capable of doing it. I believe I’m capable of doing really anything I want to do, and I think that’s a valuable thing to have, especially for young people like myself.

-“One day Gram said, ‘Kohana, I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.'”-

Kohana was pretty awesome. He was a photographer, and he was always seeing the stories in things. Even without knowing him, I could tell he had a great eye for detail and beauty, and he was a pretty cool guy besides that too. He lived with his grandmother, who did not look like your typical granny, but that’s not important. “What sustains you from the inside” is what keeps you fighting. Why do you keep going when everything seems dark and hopeless? What light shines beyond the tunnel?

-“What’d you take the picture of?” I asked, looking on the ground.

“Another story,” he said, getting in the car. “Maybe someday you’ll tell it to me.”-