-“You can’t escape what you are, but you also should know what you could be. Why you’re fighting.”-

I started reading the Lorien Legacies series becuase my sister loved them so much, and now that I’ve read four of the books and three of the Lost Files, I understand why. This series is imaginative and mysterious, and full of interesting turns. And if you haven’t figured out what series I’m talking about yet, it’s the series commonly referred to as the “I Am Number Four” series, that being the title of the first book. But it’s actually called the Lorien Legacies. I don’t know why people call it the I Am Number Four series. It annoys me greatly.

As soon as I read the first page of I Am Number Four,, I knew it was going to be a good one. It stated on the first page that this was not a work of fiction ~ it was real. There are aliens out there, and some of them seek to destroy you. It sucks you into the story right off the bat.

My creative mind thrummed with excitement when I saw the author’s picture and description at the end of the book. Pittacus Lore was not just an author ~ he was a character in the story! And to this day I don’t know if anyone actually knows who wrote the Lorien Legacies. They seem to come out of nowhere. That just adds to the mysteriousness of it. It was truly a brilliant move which I, a fellow anonymaniac (is that a thing? I don’t think so), had to applaud.

What I also loved was that each character was represented by a different font. Writing a story from the first-person point of view can be difficult if you have several different characters you want to switch around to, and the switching can be confusing for your readers to follow. But assigning them each their own font solved that problem with a creative flair that font geeks like me nearly swoon at. Bravo, Pittacus Lore. Bravo.

The first book of the series took me a couple days to finish, but books two and three each took me only one day, and I read book four in a couple more days. I then read three Lost Files, which were all contained in one book, and that took me a couple more days. I finished all this in under a week and a half, which, as you can imagine, puts quite a strain on your sense of reality.

Getting into the series now, it’s basically about a small group of aliens that were forced to flee their home planet before it was destroyed and come to Earth to live in hiding among mankind ~ because, luckily, they happened to look just like humans, as aliens always do. But some of these aliens, the Garde, who all came to earth as children, were stronger and faster than the typical human, and over time they developed special powers, which were referred to as Legacies. Because they were children, each was assigned a guardian ~ a Cepan, without special powers ~ to help them stay hidden in the human world.

The nine Garde and their Cepan were being hunted by the aliens that had invaded and destroyed their home planet of Lorien ~ the Mogadorians. But unfortunately for the Mogs, the Garde each had a charm that meant that they could only be killed in order by number. The Mogs didn’t know what number the Garde was until they tried to kill him or her ~ and the attack was turned back on the Mog himself. The Garde had to stay in hiding until their Legacies developed, and then they could find each other and fight the Mogs to retake their planet.

I can’t tell you much else because I don’t want to give anything away, but I do suggest giving the series a try. I quite enjoyed it myself, even though they aren’t necessarily pretty books. I do like the characters and how they differ from each other, and it’s fascinating learning what Legacies each of the Garde has. And the supporting characters are pretty awesome too.

Good luck, Loriens!

-“If you ever know a man who tries to drown his sorrows, kindly inform him his sorrows know how to swim.”-