I made a category of posts meant to explain who I am, thinking, “This is a really great idea, to let the readers out there know a bit about me and how I think.” But then I had to wonder how exactly I would go about it. So I decided to look up blog post prompts online and choose a few with which I could creatively introduce myself. The first one answers the following question:

“Which TV show from your childhood would you want to bring back?”

I actually have several answers for this question. Details to follow.


The number-one show I would want to bring back is Full House. I think it’s fairly obvious why, and I think that’s why they’re actually considering bringing it back. (They ARE considering, aren’t they? I think that’s what I heard.) Full House is a show about three men ~ father, uncle, and friend ~ raising three girls. At least, that’s how it starts. After awhile, the uncle gets married and then there are twin boys added to the family. But it’s quite obviously a full house in every sense of the phrase (except, of course, the poker sense).

Full House, like a lot of the similar comedy shows back then, did something that shows nowadays don’t do ~ it taught life lessons. In a house as full as this one, there were obviously a few problems, and lots of mistakes. This mistakes were great for the viewers to learn from, because Danny would actually sit down with whichever of his daughters was having the problem and talk it through with them. It has loads of great quotes, funny and serious, and as I’m typing this I’m wondering why I haven’t done TV show reviews like I’ve done book reviews. I guess I’m going to have to start doing that.

But anyway, Full House is one of my all-time favorite shows, and I would love to see it come back.


Like Full House, the Cosby Show is a show about a typical family ~ this time, a successful black family where the father is a doctor, the mother is a lawyer, and they have five children. The Cosby Show is probably slightly funnier than Full House but doesn’t have the same family-problem-solving element. It’s still really good though, and Bill Cosby is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest, people I’ve seen in the entertainment industry. The Cosby Show has a lot of great funny quotes you can pull out if you need them, though sometimes it’s hard because they’re more for specific conversations than just one-liners. That’s okay though; you can get around that.


The Andy Griffith Show is not something I actually watched as a kid, but I’ve seen every episode from every season mulitple times and I just love the show a lot. I mean, come on, it’s from the 60’s. It wasn’t even on TV when I was a kid!

Anyway, the Andy Griffith Show, like the two previous shows I chose, has a lot of life lessons and humor. It was honestly a lot better in the first three seasons or so when Barney was there. Barney is basically the life of the show with all his facial expressions. (RIP Don Knotts, who in my opinion actually looks more like a Barney than a Don. (But I’ve just learned that his first name is actually JESSE?!?!))

Andy is a great father to his only son Opie, but in a town like Mayberry, everybody’s family. I don’t know who can watch a show like this and not wish, somewhere in their hearts, to live in a town like Mayberry.

(By the way, I suggest you look up the song “Mayberry” by Rascal Flatts. It’s a really cool song.)


I know you’re wondering why I’m picking all of these shows that are older than I am, rather than some from my own actual generation. The explanation is really simple: they’re just better.

To be honest, I didn’t watch Boy Meets World as a kid. I only started watching it this year. But I SHOULD have watched it as a kid. It’s more like the typical shows you see nowadays, centered around one kid rather than adults. Cory Matthews does seem like the most typical young boy you can get ~ doesn’t take classes too seriously, loves sports (particularly baseball), and is the middle child in a family of five. He and his best friend get into trouble, and eventually they get out of it, most often by advice from his parents or wise life lessons by his archrival teacher and nextdoor neighbor, Mr. Feeny.

The weird thing is, they actually DID bring Boy Meets World back, in the form of Girl Meets World, which focuses on Cory’s daughter, Riley. I think it’s really cool that they brought it back like this, and Girl Meets World is probably the only show nowadays that actually gives some semblance of life lessons. It’s really pretty impressive. Bravo!


So those are the four that I would most want to see again. Obviously the Andy Griffith Show is beyond bringing back, but the others can probably still be salvaged.

If you ask me what shows from my generation I would want to bring back, I would probably most likely say ~ and you can judge me if you deem necessary ~ Hannah Montana. People have always, for some reason, generally been mocked for liking Hannah Montana, but I’m not sure if they’re mocking the show or the music. Whatever. I like the show. It does teach lessons, and it’s funny, and it has music. I really don’t see why people bash on it so much.

Then, obviously, there’s Drake & Josh. Have you seen this show? It’s hilarious. I don’t know what else I can say about it. It’s just a really brilliant show and it would be so rare if they came back.

This has been my first post for the purpose of introducing myself. Those are the shows I would bring back, if I could. What shows would you choose?