What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability?

It’s impossible! It’s just impossible!”
“Terran insects. Aerodynamically impossible for them to fly, but they do it. I’m rather fond of bumblebees.”
~ Doctor Who

The thing about flying is that not everyone can do it. That’s what makes Angel, from X-Men, so cool. I can understand why a kid would want to shave off something that sets him apart from the other kids, but personally I think I’d appreciate the difference now. Besides, who doesn’t want to fly? (And have a wickedly cool nickname like Archangel or the Falcon?)

Bottom line is, do you really want to do this?”
“Well, yes. I would love to take a fearless leap and spread my wings and fly. And if I actually had wings, I would do it.”
~ Full House

The uses of flight are many, but one must be cautious when it comes to using it. For that reason, I think I would only fly at night ~ but honestly, I would probably prefer that, because I’m a nyctophiliac and I absolutely love nighttime. The reason you have to be careful is because if anyone finds out, they might subject you to scientific examination, which could lead to a lot of discomfort on a number of levels. People will talk about you, and you’ll end up on the news and get really popular, which isn’t going to be fun, trust me. You’ll have to do interviews and get a manager, and who knows how you’re going to be able to pay him? I guess you could do shows or something, but still, I think I would just keep it on the down-low.

That’s right, fools! Now I’m a FLYIN’ talkin’ donkey! You may’ve seen a housefly, you may’ve seen a horsefly, you may have even seen a super fly, but I bet you NEVER seen a donkey fly!” ~ Shrek

To answer the question of what I would do with it (which I now realize isn’t actually included in the question, but I’m going to answer it anyway), I guess I would mostly use it to just enjoy the sensation of flying through a beautiful clear night. I would fly mostly around the country, because there are less people out there and there would be less chance of anyone seeing me. It would be really cool to fly over a city all lit with lights, and wearing black would make it harder for people to see me, as well as flying at a really high altitude.

Then to fly above that, to stand on a world with no smoke, where the only straight line is sunlight? Yes. It’s worth it.” ~ Doctor Who

The awesome part about having a special gift like this would be the ability to tell someone special about it. But it’s such a unique and important gift that you would have to be EXTRA certain that the person you tell is COMPLETELY trustworthy. You know how on television when people have special secret powers and they tell someone about it and that person ends up betraying them for whatever reason?

This is real life. You can’t make that mistake.

Flying? There are times I believed I could.” ~ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron