It’s the weirdest thing to feel completely normal and yet disconnected from reality. I’m terrified that I’m losing my mind.”

Dangerous Company is a movie about a successful businesswoman and owner of a fashion agency, Pauline Mitchell. When Pauline begins having memory lapses and misplaces things, she fears that she is suffering from the same dimentia that killed her mother. Because of how much I rely on my memory and my mind, I found it frightening to see someone losing touch with those things. For that reason, I would give this movie a gold star for appealing to my sense of fantastic intelligent interest.

Through her experiences, Pauline’s biggest supporters were her husband, Aaron, her loyal secretary, Elizabeth, and her sister, Deanna. Unfortunately, it turned out that Aaron and Elizabeth planned the whole thing to make her think she was demented in order to take over her company. They didn’t like how she treated her staff like family and made sure they spent plenty of time with their own families; they believed she was letting a lot of business-oriented opportunities pass. And Deanna, a drinker at the time, had not been around when her mother had needed her, so nobody thought she would stick around through her sister’s illness as well.

I can’t tell you everything that happened, because that would ruin it. I guess it wasn’t as action-packed as some of the movies I’ve seen (though to be fair I tend to watch very action-packed movies), but it was still interesting. The thing that disappointed me most about this movie was that it was SO CLOSE to being a clean film. It would have been a good one if they’d just cut out the maybe two scenes that weren’t clean. It would have been so easy. It lost some points for that.

If I had to rate this movie, I think I would give it 3 1/2 stars.