Emotionally detached

This is a direct similarity to psychopaths’ emotional detachment and their inability to form emotions regarding relationships. It is a contradiction to their charm ~ trust me, when you have no emotions, you’re not seen as charming. It contradicts APD’s violent tendencies and aggression. It is similar in sociopaths’ difficulty with empathy, but contradicts their emotional influence and tendency toward anger.


Cold Analytical

INTPs are INCREDIBLY cold and INCREDIBLY analytical. This correlates with psychopaths’ intelligence and emotional detachment, but contradicts their charm. It contradicts sociopaths’ emotional influence.


Loves solving problems

Psychopaths enjoy learning and using their intelligence.


Interested in their reputation

This is something a lot of people aren’t aware of about the INTP. It contradicts psychopathy on two fronts: their emotional detachment (for one must have at least a LITTLE emotional involvement if they’re worried about their reputation) and their confidence. It contradicts sociopaths’ disregard for society.


Overwhelmingly shy

Psychopaths minimalize the risk to themselves, which is similar when one is shy because one will tend to keep the attention ~ and also the danger ~ off of themselves. It also forms a barrier in connecting with people, which is another similarity to psychopathy. However, psychopaths tend to be confident and charming, which is not what one gets when they’re shy. These things ultimately cancel themselves out. APD includes aggression, which is a polar opposite of shyness. Sociopaths also are incompetent in connecting with people.



This is a direct correlation with psychopaths.


Loves to learn

Psychopaths are always feeding their intelligence with new information.


Defensive of their logic

INTPs are quick to debate if they feel that their logic is being criticized or questioned. This draws yet another line to psychopaths’ intelligence. However, it also shows the first similarity with the APD tendency for aggression ~ though it most likely culminates in the form of intellectual or verbal aggression, it is aggression nonetheless.


Separated from society

The INTP lives with a natural barrier between themselves and the rest of society. They are always separated from others. This is a direct correlation to both psychopaths and sociopaths in that they cannot connect with people. It also contradicts psychopaths’ charm, which cancels itself out. However, there are more similarities to sociopaths, who have trouble sticking to a regular job or family life, and who have no regard to society or its rules.


Highly focused

If an INTP is focused on something, you can’t get them away from it ~ you’ll be lucky if you can manage to be heard, let alone listened to. This correlates with psychopaths’ attention to detail and interest in all the possibilities. It contradicts sociopaths’ disorganization.



This is a direct correlation with psychopaths’ desire to learn.


Sees information as truth regardless of its source

If the janitor has a good idea, we celebrate the janitor. This is a contradiction to APD, which disregards the rights of others. It correlates to sociopaths, who have no regard for society’s rules.


Correlation to APD adds up to -3. The final count stands as:

+4 Psychopathic
-7 Sociopathic