“We have to believe that we are exceptional.”

Believe is a show with only one season, which is one of the reasons I watched it. (Don’t you hate having shows that are 12 or 14 seasons long and you just don’t have time to finish them?) It’s about a little girl who is a very powerful psychic, powerful enough that everyone wants to capture her and use her powers to rule the world. Of course.

The guy who took care of little Bo, Martin Winter, broke her father, William Tate, out of jail, where he was on death row for a murder he didn’t commit. Of course, neither Tate or Bo knew that he was her father until later in the series. Winter charged Tate with looking after Bo, which is an interesting choice because he’s a fugitive and he’s rather on the run himself. But anywho.

It’s a pretty interesting show for its length, and entertaining enough to at least finish. It’s more like a long movie than a show. The cool thing about it is that along the way, Bo pretty much forces Tate to help people. Tate has a little bit of the cool sidekick vybe, but he’s also a good father figure. So they’re not just running from bad guys, they’re taking the time to be good guys. And that’s a really good thing to see, because there isn’t a lot of goodwilling happening in shows anymore, at least not the innocent kind.

I thought that the girl who played Bo was pretty good considering her age. I liked the fact that they added her turtle Stanley, because it reminds us that Bo might be a psychic with awesome superpowers, but she’s also a ten-year-old girl, and, like many ten-year-old girls, she has a stuffed animal that she treasures. It’s really cool that they worked that in. (Also, let’s appreciate the name Stanley for a moment. Just say it once or twice. Slow. Let the letters roll of your tongue.)

Anyway, I don’t want to say too much about the show because I don’t want to spoil it. But it’s a good show. And well worth the 13 episodes.

Everyone deserves a second chance.”